No2EU Yes to Democracy campaign

No2EU – Yes to Democracy electoral alliance launched



The RMT (Rail Maritime and Transport Workers’) trade union has launched an electoral party for the European elections. It is the first time a trade union has offered an alternative to the main parties, since the RMT helped found the Labour Party itself in 1906. When the Labour Party was formed, workers had the choice of the Tories or the Liberal Parties, neither of which represented their interests. It used to offer an alternative voice in Parliament, funded by the contributions of ordinary people.  

Why do we need a new party?

Fast forward 100 years and we are faced with the same situation. None of the major parties offer the working-class anything. New Labour can only point to the minimum wage, but how can a family survive on this? They have done nothing to stem the loss of jobs, yet have bailed out financiers in the city. Like the Tories before them, Labour is mired in the stench of sleaze and corruption, with cash for questions, dodgy PFI deals and MPs rolling in their expenses and second homes while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet.

It is not surprising, therefore, that come the European Elections,  turnout will be low as people realise that voting for bureaucrats in Brussels is not going to improve their day to day lives. The EU has been responsible for demands to cut public spending and has pushed the same neo-liberal agenda. Hardly surprising when those in control across the continent like Sarkozy, Merkel, Berlusconi and Zapatero have all sold out those who elected them; whether from a left or right political tradition, the trajectory of mass parties has been the same – a lemming-like rush to neo-liberalism, which has resulted in economic catastrophe.

I believe this campaign is critical. Without it, the anger of workers who have lost their jobs, of families who face an uncertain future and of students who will be repaying a mountain of debt could result in protest votes for far-right parties, who have no real solutions and seek to blame all ou problems on immigration. The reality is that we all need to unite together  in order to fight for better conditions for all workers. This is what the trade union movement has always stood for.

What does it stand for?

The RMT campaign calls for international workers’ solidarity against a bosses’ European Union. Its candidates will refuse to join the EU gravy train and instead the campaign will host a conference to discuss the way forward for working-class political representation. Socialist Party councillor, Dave Nellist said, “Now workers alienated by the mainstream capitalist parties have their own candidates to vote for”.

The campaign needs funds, however, as unlike the main parties it has no rich backers. Please support it by clicking on the link below and giving what you can afford. We can’t afford to carry on down the same failed path of cuts and privatisation, which is all that the main parties have to offer.

Find out more about the campaign here.


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