Killing in the Name Of for Number One.

Tomorrow is the last day we can download Rage Against the Machine’s 1992 anthem Killing in the Name of . . . to stop Cowell spoiling Christmas with yet another karaoke track.

And there is also a sudden cold snap, with travel disruption across much of the country. I am an atheist myself, but could this be God’s vengeance on Cowell?

From the Gospel according to St Morter:
And the LORD listeneth to Radio 5 Live and heard the mighty track Killing in the Name Of. A man by the name of Cowell had angered God by releasing yet another idiotic single and He was full of vengeance. In words of thunder, He spake: “Lo, that tw** Cowell is not spoiling my holiday again this year by spreading his karaoke rubbish. Let it snow on Great Britain, so that it will freeze the brass monkeys off anyone stupid enough to go out and buy his tripe. And on the seventh day He downloaded the track and He Rocked!

Great news – the campaign demolished X-factor by 50,000 sales. Let’s hope now that people start to think about the lyrics and genuinely rage against the machine!

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