Vote TUSC, not CUTS – no to sleaze and privatisation

It has largely been ignored by the mainstream media, but there is a new party standing in the elections – TUSC (The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition).

Its supporters are fed up with New Labour, but have no illusions in the Tories or the Lib Dems. All main parties have made it clear that they will slash our public services and carry on with the same privatising and cuts programme carried out by the government.

The TUSC coalition stands for working-class and socialist values – defending our public services and our NHS, to end the bloody wars in the Middle East and against sleaze and corruption. All its candidates have pledged, if elected, only to take the average wage of a worker in their constituency. We need to campaign now so that when the cuts do come – at the hands of whichever party wins on May 6th – we have a strong voice to defend our jobs and services.

TUSC is standing in 42 seats in this election, but hopefully this will be just the start of something much bigger. I think we need a new mass party for ordinary people, rather than the three main parties who are all funded by and do the bidding of big business. We need to get trade unions to stop giving money to New Labour and to begin funding a new party which will work in the interests of their members. Leading members of unaffiliated unions – the PCS, RMT and FBU are taking part in the coalition.

If you can, vote TUSC on May 6th to send a message to the main parties that we are not prepared to stand back while our welfare state, NHS, libraries and care services are sold off for profit or disappear altogether.

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