Fighting against Cutts and privatisation

Nottingham Socialist Party were on the national BBC News at Ten last night. There was very good coverage of the anti-cuts campaign – the appropriately-named Tory, Kay Cutts, leader of Notts Council, was stressing that we had to sacrifice our public services, while sitting behind a portrait of Margaret Thatcher! Fortunately, socialists were there to put forward a radical alternative to Cutts and privatisation.

In case you missed the programme, watch it here

Let’s spread this fighting spirit far and wide. We can make a start by joining in the protest organised by Leicester branches of the PCS union, on Saturday and make our presence as big and as vibrant as possible. 11.00 – 3.00 at the Clocktower. Bring banners, placards. There is also a public meeting at the Independent Arts Centre, 7.30pm, Tuesday 29th June to discuss the fightback.

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