Local elections in Leicester – results for TUSC

Vote Against Cuts in Leicester local election results:

TUSC – Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts
UPS – Unity for Peace and Socialism

Braunstone Park & Rowley Fields
Fiona NEVILLE TUSC 181 5.3%
Debbie STOKES TUSC 146 4.3%
Stephen SCORE TUSC 113 3.3%

Alex MOORE TUSC 232 5.6%

Avtar SINGH UPS 229 4.9%
Ashvin VYAS UPS 122 2.6%

Mohinder FARMA UPS 205 4.8%
Haridev DASANJH UPS 142 3.3%

Paul O’CONNELL TUSC 156 2.3%

Rushy Mead
Suraj SHAH TUSC 272 4.9%

Becci HEAGNEY TUSC 190 2.7%
Drew WALTON TUSC 176 2.5%

Dean KAVANAGH TUSC 71 3.5%

Thanks to all those who supported TUSC, but we still face Labour cuts to hospitals, schools and libraries. The overwhelming vote for Labour indicates that the people of Leicester are not prepared to put up with Con-Dem cuts. However, we can’t rely on Labour to defend jobs and services. As part of TUSC, the Socialist Party will continue to campaign against ALL cuts to services. Unlike the main parties, we are not just there at election time, but campaign all year round.

Come to our public meeting: Turkey Cafe (Granby St), Tuesday 10th May, 7.30pm – How can we defeat cuts in Leicester?

Vicious cuts to public services are NOT necessary. The money is there in society, but we need a mass party which stands up for ordinary people, not big business and fat cat bankers. Come and hear about the socialist alternative to cuts and closures.

TUSC will continue to fight back and help build a massive opposition to cutbacks. We are campaigning for a no cuts budget based on the needs of people in Leicester. It can be done! Liverpool city council fought back in the 1980’s and won £60 million back from Margaret Thatcher’s government.

To stop the cuts, we need people to get involved . . .

If you would like more information about our campaigns or to join our party, contact Steve on 0773798057 or email: stephen.score@ntlword.com

Follow us on facebook – Vote Against Cuts in Leicester

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