No laughing matter

For the context to this poem, see:

Socialist Students are currently organising a comedy night in Leicester to raise funds for and awareness of this campaign.

Watch this space for more details.


No laughing matter


It must have been an amazing gig

To sit there and endure joke, after joke about rape

Before her patience finally snapped, but he still didn’t twig

And tried to crack yet another jape.


Rape is not a laughing matter.

Its not clever or slick

I won’t fall for any fancy patter

It’s just sick, and a bit thick.


Not exactly dazzled by such acerbic wit

She thought he was just an enormous zit

A giant pustule on the face of humanity

Spouting drivel verging on insanity.


Let’s bring down the curtain

On having a laugh at others’ misfortune

Why would anyone want to pay good dosh

To see Daniel Tosh metaphorically hit the audience over the head with a cosh?

To see a comic prey

On the vulnerable?

Those least able

Shattered inside, betrayed by a thousand blows?

Why would you want to see such shows?

What must she have thought

Stabbed by a sexist retort?

Wouldn’t it be hilarious to make her feel small

To be forced, once again, to go through it all?


Another comic of special renown

Is Jim Davidson, that hilarious clown

Thought it funny not to perform his show

With disabled people in the front row.


Consign discrimination and misogyny

Deep into the dustbin of history.

There are lots of ways of being funny

Without resorting to cheap comedy.


Sarcasm, satire, wordplay and puns

Slapstick with custard pies and cream buns

Banana skins to trip up the unwary

Drunken buffoons getting lairy

Observational humour, full of insight

Inane pratfalls and ridiculous flight

Of fancy – surreal dadaism and mime

The subtle art of comic time- ing

Tim Minchin’s witty rhyming

Monty Python’s silly walks

Blackadder sticking forks

Up his nose and going “Wibble”

Isn’t that a better way to raise a tittle?


[To any pedantic Blackadder fans out there – I know he stuck pencils, not forks, up his nose and went ‘Wibble’. However, forks doesn’t rhyme].

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