Do you remember?

Once, as a child, my days were long
We laughed and played, in joy and song.
A life of ease, free of care
Soon passed me by, unaware.
All too soon, life gathers pace
Do we have to keep up with this rat-race?
Can we not go back to a time when
Things seemed easier and quieter then?
Mortgages, statements, demands and bills,
My ever-bursting head soon fills.
Targets and deadlines, numb and sanitise
That feeling of innocence. How time flies!
So as this year draws to its close
Forget your worries and in repose,
Try to think of a simpler time,
The long childhood days, of which I rhyme.
For all too soon, time will catch up
Before you’ve had a chance to refill the cup
Of life as it fast runs dry.
So seize the day and let us try
To make a difference while we can,
Unite to help our fellow man.
Don’t sit and take it – rise up and fight!
We can still recall that happy light
Of childhood’s joyous rebellion.
When life was simple and time was long.

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