Operating Theatre

Our NHS is sixty-four, frail and cold.
Suffering chills, its funds frozen.
The ‘remedy’? Take a scalpel,
Cut, fragment and divide.
Into Foundation Trusts,
Let the market decide.
Parcelled into manageable chunks
Packaged to suit the money men
Whose bedside manner
Leaves much to be desired.
Privatised, butchered, sold out.
The rich can always go to BUPA.
They don’t need to rely on
Underfunded services and overworked staff.
They have no fear of the knife.
Stop them cutting into
The still-beating heart of our health service.
Stop them privatising
The wards and the nurses and the care homes.
The cancer of capitalism
Spreads out of our control.
We must apply people pressure.
Stop the cuts. Save our hospitals. Strike back.

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