Snow blurs boundaries, shifts our perception,
Covers irregularities, smooths a path.
Buries unwelcome news under an avalanche
Of inane trivia about the weather.

Snow lies heavy on our senses.
Numbing, comforting in its chilly embrace.
Frozen fingers of flakes envelop us,
We sink deeper into the drift.

Snow. We regress, slip into childhood.
It is all too easy to forget in the frost,
To lose sight of yourself,
To ignore the buried cost of winter.

Snow blankets our sense of reality,
Can make us unaware of cuts
To care homes and homeless shelters,
The burden of winter fuel bills.

Snow – we can resist its glacial grip
Let the will of the powerful slip
Useless against us, if we move as one,
To help those who cannot help themselves.

Snow. We need some anti-freeze
To break this icy torpor,
Fire in our bellies, warmth in our hearts
And the stamping of angry feet.

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