Triple Dip

Something is wrong, when the future of millions
Is described as if we were fruit in a yogurt,
Or sticks of chocolate in an ice-cream pot.
“I’ll have a tub of your Triple Dip please, with billions
Of hundreds and thousands on top,
Just like the bonuses the bankers got”.
The politicians, with incredible gall
Try to make the poor pay for it all
By slashing our services and cutting our jobs
The youth go on riot, but they’re not the real yobs.
They’re in a cabinet of out-of-touch Bullingdon snobs
And Labour – hand-wringing, apologetic – sobs
That they can’t afford to pay any more.
Milliband’s not much better and Brown used to bore
On and on about abolishing boom and bust
But the working class have got them all sussed.
We don’t need a yogurt, we need a new workers’ party
To fight all the cuts and put an end to austerity.


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