Fight the Bedroom Tax

Don’t ignore the harsh facts
Fight the bedroom tax.
Just the latest of all-too many attacks
On parents, who are in debt to the max.
On the unemployed, so beloved of Sun hacks
Spreading smear stories. That smacks
Of hypocrisy. Yet the rag still sells stacks.

We must answer their pernicious lies
Campaign and counter this cruel cut. Cries
Against a policy of folly which flies
In the face of compassion, humanity. Tries
To rob us of our dignity, and demonise
The poor as scroungers, who parasitise.
Why should this come as any surprise?

All the main parties stand up for the rich
And Labour is only too keen to ditch
Its principles and even launch witch
Hunts against the few – fighters who refuse to pitch
In, to raise an acquiscent hand to vote for cuts. They are the all-too slight glitch
In New Labour’s cowardly submission. The itch
They cannot scratch. The corpse of Clem Attlee gives a final twitch.

We can’t waste time, in a futile attempt to resuscitate
Ghosts of Old Labour – it is all too late.
Given the scale of the attacks, which will decimate
All that is left of the welfare state.
Start afresh, rebuild, don’t hesitate
Or succumb, despite our perilous state.
Past gains were not handed to us on a plate.

Support TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) if you too believe that Labour have sold out and cannot be reclaimed – we need to build an alternative urgently for the working class.


You can help support the Socialist Party by buying a short book of my poems, ‘Little Red Poetry’: Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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