On the day the statue of Thatcher was unveiled

The news spread fast – by squawk, coo and twitter.
From far-flung forests, fields, farms we flew
Synchronised starlings swept across the sky.
Geese arrowed in a gigantic V sign,
Militant seagulls cried out in anger.
Pigeons propelled by powerful pinions,
Herring gulls, guillemots, gannets, goshawks,
Gathered in Grantham to give up their guano.
On the day the statue of Thatcher was unveiled.

We circled high until the ribbon was cut.
Joyously drenched the assembled dignitaries,
Perched on her handbag, shoulders and hairdo,
Covered her from head to foot in our ordure.
The acid will eat into the bronze
Dissolve decades of double-dealing and deceit,
Will break down her memory,
Just as she broke our communities.


I will be performing some of my poems at the Donkey pub, on Welford Road, Leicester on the 3rd October, 8pm – saying ‘Goodbye to Thatcher’. The excellent KGB Jazz and The Splitters are also playing. Tickets available here for £3 – http://www.ents24.com/leicester-events/the-donkey/kgb/3486723. All proceeds go to City of Sanctuary.

You can help build an alternative to Thatcherism and support the Socialist Party by buying a short book of my poems, ‘Little Red Poetry’: Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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One Response to “On the day the statue of Thatcher was unveiled”

  1. Mike Brewer Says:

    Hi Drew,

    Am getting confused about which messages are going where so thought I’d just send this:.


    I love you, Maggie Thatcher,
    I think I always will,
    there’s just no-one to match yer:
    for you I’d lie and kill.

    I miss you lovely Maggie,
    now you’ve left Number Ten,
    how I recall those baggy
    eyes, as you left those feeble men

    in grey suits to take over
    and do your dirty work.
    To think, we were in clover,
    now we’re pulled up with a Jerk.

    I love you, Maggie Thatcher,
    I think I always will.
    For someone of your stature
    I’d lie, I’d shoot to kill.

    I won’t mind one bit if you decide not to use it. Best regards.

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