Don’t Let the Politicians Rip You Off – Vote TUSC!

The main parties are all the same – why we should support TUSC, from a supporter of TUSC in Coventry. So far around 500 candidates across the country have been nominated for TUSC. This represents the largest left-of-Labour electoral challenge since the Second World War.

Vote Socialist in Coventry May 22 2014

One of our supporters, Mike F from Wyken, wrote this piece about why he’s voting for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in May, and why he’s signed up to the Socialist Campaign Team:

Coventry TUSC protesting against council cuts Coventry TUSC protesting against council cuts

“Forget Labour and the Liberal Democrats, they both sing an all too similar tune to the Tories with their policies of humiliation to to the working class. They want you not to vote, it works out excellently for them, because they have plenty of rich supporters who very politically aware – they want to keep you underpaid, part of a vast reservoir of cheap labour for their companies.

Why the hell should the taxpayer have to subsidise businesses who refuse to pay a decent wage, despite making massive profits? They should pay a living wage – and pay their taxes too!

Oh yeah, they also have you thinking that you are infested…

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