Ballad of Leicester Pride


The far-right don’t like diversity

They are scared, confused and crude

But I am proud of this diverse city

We won a victory, and subdued


Their threats, racism and bluster

They really haven’t got a clue

Hundreds we managed to muster,

Rally against their bigoted views.


Mardi Gras the carnival was called

A celebration of human rights.

Faced with violence, the Mercury stalled

Afraid of putting up a fight.


So we organised opposition instead

It really was quite easy.

But the march still hung by a thread

Because the council were quite queasy.


LGBT, black, white and brown

Unity it was the answer.

We gathered together in Leicester town,

Faced hate with music, dance and laughter.


But bullying and homophobia

Continue still, unabated,

Amidst far-right xenophobia,

So we peacefully demonstrated.


We are aiming for equality,

So let’s not get in a stew,

We can defeat bullies with frivolity,

Why can’t we love whomever we want to?

little red little green


If you have enjoyed my poetry on this blog, my new collection, “Little Green Poetry” is now available from Lulu – – £4+P&P (paperback) or £2.50 (for e-book readers)

You can still order copies of my first collection, “Little Red Poetry” from or – again for £4 (pb) or £2.50 (as a pdf for e-readers).

I hope you enjoy reading my poems, and, as always, all proceeds will go to help build the fightback against corporate political parties, to build a voice for the millions, not the millionaires.

To find out more about my politics, visit the website of the Committee For A Workers’ International, which is engaged in struggle in around 50 countries worldwide.

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