Watch “Leicester South Hustings” on YouTube

2 Responses to “Watch “Leicester South Hustings” on YouTube”

  1. Liz Maitland Says:

    Yes but did they even mention what they are going to do about Mental Health?
    Dear Leon,

    We are having a Hustings Meeting Would you be interested in coming to a Open Meeting on Friday 1 May 11am at Vulcan House (address below). Please send us your answers or let us know if you can come. Please find below a list of the questions we would like to ask the Candidates:

    1. Nearly 9 out of 10 people with a mental health problem say they have faced stigma and discrimination. Will you help us to get Tribunals or a Court Case before people can be sectioned?
    What will you do to reduce mental health stigma in our community and in Parliament?

    2. People are still waiting far too long for talking therapies and demand is rising.
    What are you and your party going to do to help people who need talking therapies get them within 28 days of referral?

    3. When you have a mental health emergency (like extreme anxiety, suicidal thoughts or a psychotic episode), the level of care you get can depend on where you live.
    How will you and your party ensure everyone gets safe and speedy emergency mental health care whenever they need it?

    4. Schemes that are meant to help people back to work, like the Work Programme, are failing.
    What are you and your party going to do help people with mental health problems overcome the barriers they face getting into work?

    5. There’s been some new money but the fact remains, overall mental health funding has been reduced by 8 per cent over the past five years.
    Will your party commit to increase overall spending on mental health?

    6. Prevention is better than cure. With the right support, we can cope better with life’s ups and downs and have a better chance of staying well.
    What are you going to do to promote the mental wellbeing of all your constituents?

    UNIT 36, Vulcan House, Vulcan Road, Leicester, LE5 3EF
    Phone: 0116 253 2073
    Charity Number: 1125395

    RECOVERY is a charity for Wellbeing that spreads the word about how people can recover from Mental Health needs with the healing of memories through Creative Therapies.

    RECOVERY Dogs for Mental Health assist Survivors emotionally and help them to find Wellbeing.

    We campaign against compulsion and for freedom of choice.

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