Study of a Girl in Blue

In this hitherto undiscovered artwork, we see the transition between Picasso’s blue period and his move away from direct representation. The face of the girl is simplified in a clear break with artistic norms.

Similarly, her body is reduced to just a couple of lines, and the colour pallet is also deliberately, starkly reduced to the barest elements.

The figure at the left of the image is the subject of heated interpretation: a speech bubble, a love heart? Certainly the artist wanted to convey an urgency of communication, the creative impulse. Here, we see the artist metaphorically breathing life into another masterpiece.

In order to get an exclusive, private viewing of this exquisite work, all you need do is book a coach ticket with Megabus, as the upholsterers have seen fit to incorporate Pablo Picasso’s lost work, Study of a Girl in Blue, into the design of each seat. A brilliant contribution to the democratisation of modern art.

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