Vote for a socialist alternative in Leicester

The Socialist Party is standing in the local and mayoral elections in Leicester.

Read about our manifesto launch today:

For a workers’ mayor on a worker’s wage.
For the council to set a legal, no-cuts budget.
The council should take over Leicester’s bus services.
For investment in public transport and schools.
To campaign to end cuts to the NHS and increase the capacity of our hospitals to meet rising demand.
To end privatisation and bring services back “in house”.
To build 1000 council houses a year, as a step towards ending the problem of homelessness in Leicester.
Build a mass movement, linking up with other councils, to force the government to give us money to properly fund public services.
For a referendum on whether Leicester should have an elected mayor with executive powers – we have never had a say in this!

Vote Steve Score as first choice for Mayor.

Vote for socialist candidates where we are standing:

Beaumont Leys – Alex Morgan
Braunstone Park and Rowley Fields – Tessa Warrington
Evington – Satinder Toor
                 Caroline Vincent
Knighton – Anna-Sofia Wiking
Saffron – Pete Bisson
Spinney Hills – Drew Walton
Stoneygate – Franklin O’Riordan
Thurncourt – Darren Baxter
Aylestone – Steve Score

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