This tax attacks.

We can’t afford the workplace parking levy.

Whether you drive a Ford or a Chevvy

to work; should we be made to pay the price of a bevvy

just to park? This burden is too heavy:

The back-to-front workplace parking levy.

The council needs to put in some investment first

into cheap public transport, to tempt commuters who trust

cars to get from A to B – just watch their dust,

away from their vehicles, but drive so they must

because county routes have already been slashed.

In Tories’ haste to make cuts, they smashed

apart our railways and privatised the bus. They cashed

in the profits, leaving our services trashed.

All-electric, zero-emission Nirvana rings hollow,

when for years, we have all had to swallow

lies about Leicester being a city to follow.

Its ‘Eco-house’ derelict, no real plans for tomorrow.

Your target, a mere two percent of congestion reduced,

only alienates people, perplexed and confused

by meaningless jargon and consultations abused.

Will you finally decide to give up on this ruse?

And while global warming most threatens the poor,

The ones whose fault is placed at their door.

The real culprits control our media, They abhor

paying tax. Corporations, whose wealth is offshore.

We need to clean up our act, don’t misunderstand me.

Carbon dioxide, a threat to the whole of humanity.

But your plans are misguided. It is insanity

to ask for our support, while taxing us with impunity.

Why not take public transport back under council control?

Campaign, demonstrate: regain what the government stole.

Stop cuts, privatisation, stand up for us all.

Inspire a new generation. A world without oil or coal,

run by renewables, the only feasible goal.

Give workers a real say in how we should roll.


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