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April 20, 2014

Occupy leads the way, the Spirit of ’08

Wall Street crashes, but we fight back – strike and demonstrate.

Questioning accepted truths, capitalism’s realm

Tide of humanity, dispossessed. Overwhelm

Squares and centres, reclaim the 99 per-cent

Stolen from us by avarice and greed. Hell-bent

To destroy jobs and welfare, profit at all cost.

If you cannot pay the rent, then all may seem lost.

If you push us too far, we have nothing to lose

Except our chains. We won’t comply and sing the blues.

The rich in charge, capitalism’s ‘fair’ exchange.

Obama raises the stakes, empty promises of ‘Change’.

Fast food workers first take up the union’s cause

Across the states, they demand – take back what is theirs;

Decent pay, a living wage, not too much too ask,

Healthcare when we need it. We take Walmart to task.

No corporate donations, ties with which to bind us

We built this ourselves – in the battle you’ll find us

In Seattle, we shout – $15 an hour!

Sawant’s elected, we realise our power.

Fight until we win –  we’re no longer satisfied

With crumbs from your table, now that we’re organised.



Note – Excellent article here on the progress of the $15/hr campaign and the impact the election of Kshama Sawant is having on people in Seattle and across America.


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The Socialist Sawant Victory Poster

November 26, 2013

Reblogged from – I think this is the best use of graphics by Suz Beishon I have seen.

Socialist Alternative: Challenging the Democrats

November 8, 2013

In the US, the Democratic Party was once supposed to represent working people. Yet many of the labour unions in America are closely tied to the interests of the bosses rather than the workers. The Democrats are funded largely by large donations from corporations and Obama has continued an aggressive foreign policy, has failed to introduce even the modest reform of Medicare and there has been no let up in the agenda of austerity, with many thousands of homeowners facing the nightmare of repossession, in the richest country in the world.

It is clear, I think, that we need a new party to challenge for power, and to stand up for the interests of ordinary Americans. In Seattle and in Minnesota, and with branches growing across the US, Socialist Alternative has been able to do this in two recent elections.

Ty Moore, standing for Socialist Alternative in Minneapolis, is just 130 votes behind the Democratic candidate, with second and third preference votes yet to be counted. See – for more details of his campaign.

Just as exciting is the battle in Seattle, with Kshama Sawant on 48% and rising, again with many ballots still to be counted. This is likely to be neck-and-neck, as the Sawant campaign gathered momentum in the final days leading up to the election. See for updates.

Both socialist candidates stood on a programme of a $15 minimum wage, for investment in real jobs, against cuts to public services and to support fighting trade unions. Both stood against foreclosures to people’s homes and for tax rises for millionaires to take people out of poverty.

These campaigns show that where they are seen as posing a viable alternative to capitalist cuts, socialists can achieve victory. However, while these are massively important and inspirational victories, whatever the final result, for working class representation in politics, the fact remains that these are just two seats. We still need to challenge the entire system of capitalism. However, the working class make up the vast majority of society and are the producers of the world’s wealth – we hold the power to make the world stop.

Support Socialist Alternative in the US. Support TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, in the UK in order to help build a similar alternative – against cuts and austerity and for working-class representatives on a workers’ wage.

Update – as I write, the final result in Minneapolis is in: 42% for Ty and 47% for the Democrat – this is an incredible achievement for our small party in America, which just lost by 229 votes, after second and third preference votes were counted.

Update – Kshama Sawant is on course for a probable narrow victory, with a likely recount. Ballots in Seattle are counted in the order they are received, and there is a tendency for more conservative voters to vote early, while more impulsive, radical voters tend to vote later. This has certainly held true in this election with the first batch of ballot papers being 46% to 54% in favour of the Democrat, Richard Conlin, while in later batches Kshama Sawant led by 56% to 44%. It also shows the grassroots support for the socialist campaign, with hundreds of volunteers knocking doors to win support in the days running up to the election. This is despite Sawant’s challenger having one of the best-funded Democratic campaigns in the region (thanks, of course, to largely corporate donations).