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Grandola Vila Morena, Portugal 2013

March 6, 2013

I just received an e-mail, saying that this poem has been chosen to be included in an anthology of Human Rights Poetry published by the School of Advanced Study at the University of London and will be launched at the Bloomsbury Festival in October 2013!

A myriad of petals is thrown into the air,
As if in homage to greed and corruption.
We rise up at the feet of our leaders,
They will slip on our carnation revolution.

They will slip on our carnation revolution
We rise up at the feet of our leaders.
As if in homage to greed and corruption,
A myriad of petals is thrown into the air.

Em cada esquina um amigo
Em cada rosto igualdade.
On each corner a friend
In each face, equality.

In each face, equality
On each corner, a friend.
Em cada rosto igualdade
Em cada esquina um amigo.

Millions are singing our tune;
We shudder the seats of power.
We, the masses, are rising once more,
In the spirit of nineteen-seventy-four.

In the spirit of nineteen-seventy-four,
We the masses are rising once more.
We shudder the seats of power;
Millions are singing our tune.


Also included in my short collection of political poems – Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu. (£4 pbk, £2.50 pdf e-book. All proceeds go towards the Socialist Party to help build a fightback against austerity internationally). – link to the Committee for a Workers International organisation in Portugal.

Grandola Vila Morena was one of the few songs by Zeca Alfonso, which wasn’t banned by the fascist regime of Estado Novo. As a result, it was sung as a signal to start the 1974 Carnation Revolution. This poem mimics the structure of the song, and is relevant today as hundreds of thousands of people in Portugal’s main cities – Porto and Lisbon – protest against austerity.

Protesters interrupting the Prime Minister of Portugal

The video is of protesters interrupting Portugal’s Prime Minister by singing the song. Watch him squirm!