Rob Windsor – comrade and friend

Sadly, Rob Windsor (ex-Socialist Party Councillor in Coventry) passed away on Saturday after a long illness and complications following a major operation, which paradoxically he hoped would help him regain his health.

Rob was an inspirational character with a great sense of humour. One special memory I have of him is when I went down to Coventry in 2006 to help campaign for his seat in St Michaels ward or for Dave Nellist. After an exhausting day canvassing and standing on polling stations for 10 hours, and then going to the count afterwards, looking at the piles of votes cast, it was clear that Rob had regained his seat. The teller said in suprise, with a big smile on her face “a socialist won the seat?! Windsor, that is a bit of an unfortunate name for a socialist though, isn’t it?”

I last saw Rob in November, just before he went into hospital. Characteristically, he did not complain and led his canvassing team around Dave Nellist’s ward. He will be remembered for his role in many campaigns from the Poll Tax, to campaigning against PFI schemes at Coventry’s Walsgrave Hospital, and being a class fighter for his constituents. It is hard to imagine that he won’t be there with his broad grin next time I go down to Coventry to campaign.

Condolances to Isla and Rob’s family, comrades and friends. Rob will be very much missed by all who knew him.

La lutta continua.

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