Mutually Assured Destruction

Stalemate grinds us down.

Pointless hatred spans the gulf between us.

Can we smash down the walls we created

And instead work together?


I have too much to lose,

How can I back down

After going so far, to the brink?

What will the investors say?


Weapons are bought and sold

The commodification of death.

Why are we wasting precious time

When there is so much more to life?


The market knows best.

Competition is embedded into

The warp and weft of capitalism.

We have to fight to survive.


There is another way

Not wasteful profiteering

But dialogue, co-operation

Democracy, solidarity,

Community and sharing.


But where is the profit in that?

The bang for my buck,

The return on my investment?

A chance to make a quick killing.


Take the profit motive away,

Or we will both drown

Clinging to each other in the death spiral

Of mutually assured destruction.

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