Tide of purple filth

UKIP are a laughing-stock, the butt of all our jokes
Whether blaming gays for flooding, or European folks
For bringing skills and culture to Britain’s drizzly clime,
Farage sends a barrage of abuse – ‘cos “foreigners cause crime”.
Regardless of statistics, science or commonplace
Sense, their leaflet goes on, till purple in the face
It runs out of insults and expletives. Explodes in a rant,
A putrid purple shower of racism and cant.
Nick, the con-man, not the common man, fiddling Brussels’ expenses,
A millionaire stockbroker, with views I find offensive,
And the cheek to claim that he’s anti-establishment.
Sometimes I wish he’d met his end in that plane accident.
No – that’s too harsh – just let his neurons be rearranged
To make him less xenophobic, bigoted and deranged.
We need to counter UKIP’s propaganda and deceit.
You see, their policies are designed specifically to cheat
Us of our hard-earned cash, rip up human rights,
Privatise the NHS, rob us of the power to fight
Back against austerity – stop this tide of cuts
That’s swamping public services, threatening to shut
Our libraries and schools, turned into academies.
Tired teens trundle through education factories.
They don’t want us to think, just give UKIP a big cross,
Vote racist, angry, malevolent – do the bidding of the boss.
The working class need to find a common cause
To unite us, across disparate cultures. Otherwise, it is our loss.
Build a new party, to give us all a victory
Something to cheer about, not racists and their bigotry.


You can read some more of my poetry in ‘Little Red Poetry’ (£4 pbk, £2.50 pdf e-book).

All proceeds go to build a new party for ordinary people, against cuts and privatisation. Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Copies are also available from Left Books

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