Thems the breaks

Broken laws. Breaking news:
breaking Covid rules. Took us for fools.
Broke protocol, broke promises.
Our NHS left in a broken mess.
Not an ounce of contrition. No conscience.
At the lectern, you spoke, but voice never broke.
Tried to shift away the blame
to herd instinct. Bereft of shame.
While your colleagues broke ranks,
No farewell cards or heartfelt thanks.
We saw through breaks in the mask:
self-preserving instinct. Sell-by date, well past.
Humpty, arrogant, sat for too long,
tried to put off the gathering throng.
Thin-shelled, he cracked and fell from the wall,
no-one was there to break his fall.
Breaking it down, fake facade of a clown.
Painted mascara tears can’t make up for years
of betrayal and lies. Broken carnival dies.
Your expression breaks into a nervous smile
Self-piteous, loathsome. All the while
We break free from Tory lies,
Break out of our stupor, analyse.
With newly woke, wide-open eyes,
we begin to strike and organise.
No grace and favour mansion to live in.
Break your power, break this system.
We will not be broken, once we have risen.
We can break your grip on power,
Break the link between your wealth and our
labour. Break from fossil fuels, break your
war. Break austerity, break
From this wreck. Mutiny on deck.
The working-class awakes.
Thems the breaks.


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